Carstreet Testimonials

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Sangat gembira kerana dapat kereta pertama saya, salesman yang paling bagus i berkenal dan betul tolong i dalam loan sampai approve dengan tak perlu guarantor. Salesman betul yang tahu kejanjian dan tepat masa. Jika ada kawan nak beli kereta, memang akan bagi dia tahu. Terima Kasih

HakimIT Technician - 2018

Very experiences and knowledgeable and honest sales advisor, thats why i choose to buy from him instead of somewhere near my area in penang. !

Drove all the way with my family on weekend to the showroom from penang to get my new car, and enjoy my holiday in kuala lumpur, very recommend sales advisor. Thanks bro..

Mr.LiauEnginner Manager- 2018

Thank you for an excellent, reliable service. After being let down by another sales man, Ryan responded really quickly to an urgent request and was able to transport my car on the same day, within hours of asking. Great communication, price and professionalism. Highly recommended.”

SeanProfessional Barber - 2018

He  managed to get my loan approved with my additional request and this is the most important!, Other than this, the process is very fast, and i get lot of extra freebies too. Finally i can drive grab with the new car happily!. Thumbs up.!

TanProfessional Driver - 2018