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  • Over here you can get the greatest crazy cash rebate and packages
  • No need to survey here and there, no need to worry scam by sales person or unrelated sales person, given empty promises, downpayment or booking fee went missing,
  • No need to worry, waste your time and money on  your trade in value car given by surprise prices instead of confirm price in last minute
  • We are able to Handle Critical Loan, with bankers line more than 10 years experiences
  • Cash Back Loan, 99% Loan, Packages loan (T&C)
  • Special deals with Corporate Customers with Fleet Sales
  • Renewal Insurance with various type of insurance panel
  • Additional Accessories installation provided  with various type of branded Tinted, US/Japanese Coating, Full / Custom Body kits, Sound System and etc.
  • We will settle your car that you want to trade-in hassle free ( without any surprises)

Please ensure the info are correct, before submit any documents or any booking.

Some Car Models may not be update, For the info or brochure if website is not update or not available, kindly contact with us for more details

Please Take Note & Thank you.

For Any Enquiry Please Contact,

Official Contact Number : Nate Ryan 011-2020 5685.

Official Email :


OFFICIAL Facebook ONLY: (updating)

Very experiences and knowledgeable and honest sales advisor, thats why i choose to buy from him instead of somewhere near my area in penang. !

Drove all the way with my family on weekend to the showroom from penang to get my new car, and enjoy my holiday in kuala lumpur, very recommend sales advisor.

Thanks bro..

Mr.LiauEnginner - 2018

Sangat gembira kerana dapat kereta pertama saya, salesman yang paling bagus i berkenal dan betul tolong i dalam loan sampai approve dengan tak perlu guarantor.

Salesman betul yang tahu kejanjian dan tepat masa.

Jika ada kawan nak beli kereta, memang akan bagi dia tahu. Terima Kasih

HakimTechnician - 2018

I would just like to thank you for an excellent job. I will be contact you again in the future, and have recommended you to others without hesitation. Once again it was a pleasure to do business with you, and thanks again of the after sales service especially help me to handle the SD Card issues which is not your problem. Wish you all the success you so deserve.

RameshEntrepreneur - 2017

Get my car on time, courteous, professional and dependable….. sales person, and i like the way of the entire process was handled, from the car inspection, purchase and transfer, up until the delivery of documents to my home… I’ll certainly recommend to others.

And Tqvm for your good work & effort is very much appreciated.

Keep it up .

Encik WanLecturer - 2017
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